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Lotto Plus 5

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About Lotto Plus 5

  • Game Type:Lottery
  • Days Drawn: Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Thursday , Friday
  • Participating States:United Kingdom

How to Play Lotto Plus 5

Having manually selected your 6 Lotto numbers from 1 to 49, or opted to use the Lucky Dip system to automatically choose your numbers, then tick the Plus 5 box at the end of that line. Lotto Plus 5 costs and additional £1 per line to play, on top of the £1 cost to play Lotto. The Lotto Plus 5 option allows you to play your Lotto numbers in five extra draws, held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Up to 8 weeks' of game draws can be played in advance on the one ticket.

Win by Lotto Plus 5 by:

Matching 6 main numbers - £250,000*
Matching 5 plus bonus - £25,000
Matching 5 - £250
Matching 4 - £25
Matching 3 - £2.50

*The National Lottery states that 'In exceptional circumstances and depending on the number of winners overall and per prize category, prizes may be less than stated.'