The People’s Postcode Lottery – Everything you need to know

The People’s Postcode Lottery is a fun and exciting way for players across Britain to support their communities, all while winning massive prizes. With prizes up for grabs every single day, thousands of UK players win big every week! Got questions? This handy Q&A has the answers.

What is The People’s Postcode Lottery?

The People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription-based lottery that players all across Britain love to play. Instead of selecting numbers, tickets are based on your postcode. When a winning postcode is selected, all players with that postcode win!

Players pay £10 a month to be entered into the lottery, and have the chance to win prizes every single day.

The Postcode Lottery has three prize tiers:

  • £1,000 Daily Prize, which is awarded daily from Monday to Sunday
  • £30,000 Street Prize, which is awarded Saturday and Sunday
  • £3,000,000 Postcode Millions Prize, which is awarded every month

The Postcode Millions Prize is shared among all winning players.

How does The Postcode Lottery work?

Players subscribe to play for £10 per month and select their ‘Play Postcode’. This postcode is what’s actually entered into the lottery, and what will also be used to identify the winners.

With each subscription, players are automatically entered into every draw, and prizes are announced every single day. When a winning postcode is announced, all players using that postcode win a prize, ranging from £1,000 up to a share in £3,000,000.


Can you cancel Postcode Lottery?

Yes, you can cancel any time. Call their Customer Experience team on 0808 109 8765 to cancel or change your subscriptions.


What are the odds of winning the Postcode Lottery?

Approximately 80% of players win a prize. The actual odds of winning change depending on how many different postcodes are in each draw.


Is the Postcode Lottery a charity?

It is not a charity itself, but it does support many good causes through a number of Postcode Trusts.

A minimum of 32% of the ticket price goes to providing funds to these charities and good causes.


Do you get notified if you win?

Yes. Winners are notified by email, SMS, mail, or phone call, depending on the prize.


How do I cancel my account?

Contact the Customer Experience team on 0808 109 8765 to cancel your account.


Where do I play The People’s Postcode Lottery?

You can subscribe to play by visiting The People’s Postcode Lottery website, or by calling 0808 109 8765.


How much does it cost to play?

It costs £10 per month per subscription. You can have multiple subscriptions, each costing £10 per month each.


How do I win?

If your play postcode matches the announced winning postcode, you will win a prize.


Where can I find Postcode Lottery results?

Visit our website for the latest Postcode Lottery results. Alternatively, check out the £1,000 Daily Prize results, the £30,000 Street Prize results, or the Postcode Millions results.


How do I claim a Prize?

You will receive your prize directly in your account usually within 28 days. However you must provide bank account information if you win over £3,000, and have not previously played registered bank account details or played by Direct Debit.