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What Exactly Happens When You Win EuroMillions or National Lottery

One of the most common questions we get asked at is what actually happens if I win? Well, you’re in luck, because Andy Carter, the Senior Winners Advisor at Camelot has given his top tips to new lotto winners in a recent interview with Wales Online.


My numbers have come up, now what do I do?

The first step, if call the number on the back of your ticket and make your claim at the prize, the staff in the call center love receiving these calls and know exactly just how excited you will be. If you are lucky enough to win more than £50,000 your details are passed onto Andy and his team, and they will arrange to pay you a visit to help you organize the next steps.


What happens when we meet?

When Andy and his team arrive at your place after your big win, this is your big opportunity to ask any of the big questions. They will walk you through the next steps, help you with any paper work that needs doing and help answer any questions they can. Some of the most common questions from new winners are:

  • Q: How long till I get my money?
  • A: Your winnings are transferred to your account after 48 hours.
  • Q: Can I take the winnings in cash and hide it in my mattress?
  • A: Unfortunately, no, with a win this big, we don’t even recommend you use your standard bank account.
  • Q: How long will you be in contact and hold my hand?
  • A: That depends from winner to winner, some people want to be in contact for quite some time, others just take their money and are on their way. In general, the winners who choose to keep their identities private are more likely to be independent quicker. Winners who go public often help Andy and his team out as brand ambassadors. A couple of weeks later you will have a follow up meeting with a lawyer and financial expert and a representative from Camelot, just to make sure everything is sorted out correctly. Andy’s team can also help put you in contact with other winners, often for new winners, talking to a past winner can help process all the things running through your mind as they have been there before.

Andy’s top tip for winners is to open a private bank account (most of the big banks have teams that specialize in dealing with wealthy customers and lotto winners) asap and have your winnings deposited into this account. These specialty teams don’t share knowledge about customers with ordinary branch staff, help you stay anonymous should you wish too.


Next time you have a big win on the lotto, make sure you come back and check our latest news for any updated advice before you start picking out a Ferrari.

Announcing the launch of the new and improved !

For those of you who frequent visit our site, you will have noticed a major change this week, an all-new! We have spent months working on ways to improve our site based on feedback from you, the user and we think you will love it.

Some of the changes we have made are:

  •  An all-new design to make it easier than ever for you to find the results to your favourite UK lottery games.
  • 6 new draws added for you to check your results for.
  •  Additional information for each draw including draw information, statistics, prize payouts and even draw videos (prize payouts and draw videos on selected draws only).
  •  A faster website (we have improved the average page load time by 80%) so that you can get your results faster and easier than ever.

New features still to come on

But wait, there’s more! We are working on a number of new features for you that will be launched in the coming months. At we were just so excited to share the new site with you, we decided to launch with “just” the new features already listed.

Still to come we will be adding:

  • A New ticket checking tool, enabling you to check your tickets online for all of your favourite draws! No more need for pen and paper for you.
  • Exciting new lotteries results.
  • Email and push notification options, so you can be reminded the second new results are available for your favourite games.

We hope you love the new website as much as we do.

We promise we are working hard on all of these exciting new features and look forward to launching them soon.

The Biggest Wins in UK Lottery History (And One Win from Wales) !

We have all dreamt of winning the lotto, for these lucky people, not only did they win… but they won big! How big do you ask? Well , lets take a look at the top 10 biggest lottery wins in UK Lottery History!


10. The Davies family from Monmouth - £61.1m

In July of 2016, a family syndicate with 5 members scooped up this massive prize after winning The National Lottery. Stephanie Davies 23, her Boyfriend Steve Powell 30, his sister Courtney aged just 19, and their mum Sonia 53 and her partner Keith 55 split the prize taking a cool £12m each.


9. Anonymous - £73.2m

The winning ticket was drawn on May 2nd, 2014.


8. Anonymous - £81.3m

This lucky ticket holders numbers cam up in May of 2013.


7. Anonymous - £84.4m

This winners’ numbers came up in May of 2010, but chose to keep their information private as many big winners do.


6. Anonymous - £93.3m

Another person who didn’t want their identity shared had this massive win in June of 2015, but they still don’t make the top 5.


5. Dave and Angela Dawes - £101m

This lucky couple won the lottery on only their second time playing. Before winning EuroMillions in 2011, they were sharing a £70 per week flat and could not afford to get married!


4. Neil Trotter - £107m

Mechanic and racing car enthusiast Neil along with his partner Nicky Ottaway of Surrey won this massive EuroMillions jackpot in 2015.


3. Anonymous - £113m

In October of 2010 this anonymous winner scoped up this top three lottery winning prize.


2. Adrian and Gillian Bayford - £148m

In August 2012, Childrens nurse Gillian and her partner Adrian claimed the number two spot winning just short of £150m! It has been reported that they planned to spend their winnings on trips to Disney World, but sadly, they couple separated in 2013.


1.Colin and Chris Weir - £161m

This Scottish couple won the record braking £161,000,000 prize in 2011, reports state that they have spent part of their fortune or a mansion, cars for friends and family and a minibus for a local charity.