3 Of The Funniest Lottery Winners

Winning the lottery is no joke! But sometimes, a classic wind-up can end with a £1,000,000 punchline. Read on for a few of the funniest lottery winners stories.

£1 Million Win Wind-Up

When Charlotte decided to place the last $1.50 in her account on a EuroMillions HotPicks, she wasn’t expecting to win £1,000,000! Only three weeks earlier Charlotte had pranked her husband into thinking they had won £250K on a Scratchcard. It comes as no surprise that husband Daniel thought it was another wind-up. That is until he saw the winning ticket for himself. The lucky couple now has £1 million to live mortgage-free, spend quality time with the family… and maybe some bigger pranks! This winning punchline earns Charlotte and Daniel a place on our list of funniest lottery winners stories.


Minutes to Millions

An Ossett man and his fiancé are now £1 million richer! The lucky winner had a free Lucky Dip from a previous draw and raced to the local store to play it in time. He made it with 2 minutes to spare and even had a kind shopper let him go ahead. As fate would have it, these precious moments led to the plasterer winning the Millionaire Raffle! Arron looks forward to reducing his intensive workload and spending more time with his children.


Milk… and a Million!

After a request from his wife to pop to the shop for a pint of milk, a 33-year old from Newcastle decided to grab a Scratchcard with his spare change. “I couldn’t actually believe it when I was looking at a scratchcard which was worth £1 million…I just screamed but I also felt numb”. Darren and his wife Kate celebrated the win and the life-changing scratchcard. Darren has two children with autism and is amazed at what this win will mean for his family. They hope to raise awareness of autism and the money means the young family can finally move to a bigger home and sensory room.

A well-deserved win that started with a dash for milk, places Darren, Kate, and their two children on our list of funniest lottery winners stories. Milk probably won’t be much of a hassle now!